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Xploder PS4 Troubleshooting FAQ

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017 11:42AM UTC
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“It crashes when I press download”
We are working to make this process more visually apparent, so it is clear what is happening. The software hasn’t “crashed”, it is processing the save in the background.
This is a minor bug that we are working on. In our testing, the software will download successfully in 99% of cases. However, it is expected that in the current build, there may be a slight delay (and even spinning circle, like the software has crashed) – please do not press anything or click anything during this. This is expected while the software downloads and then un-packs the save ready to be re-signed.
“GTA V won’t re-region”
Some saves require more than just a profile re-region. We are working on streamlining this process. In the meantime, we have added a dedicated US save to the online database. The existing EU save is still there too. 

“It says process has failed / un-successful when I try and re-sign / re-region”
During this initial launch period, usage is exceptionally high. We are working to improve our servers daily and in the meantime, simply try again. You may get several failed attempts in a row, but it should work in the end. Please also make sure you don't have multiple profiles and saves on the usb which can cause issues.

'I have lost an activation?'
This can happen when you install on more than one machine or there has been an error which requires you to login again. You get 5 activations - so losing one isn't really an issue but if it's happening every time you login please contact support with your full login details and key.

The online cheats vault is empty?!
This is a temporary issue go to settings and make sure the game country is set to UK/US (it doesn't matter if that isn't your country due to re-regioning) Then go to advanced settings and click on refresh, it may take a few minutes make sure you leave it alone to populate even if it looks like it's crashed - please do not press anything or click anything during this. This is expected.

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