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Ok, I have formatted and prepared my USB stick now what?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015 12:54AM UTC
Before using the software you need to prepare the USB stick, to enable a USB pen drive/hard drive, you need to format it using the X360 console
Then you need to make a dummy profile and save to work with the software. Press the middle xbox button on your controller so it brings up the Xbox guide menu, then make sure you are not currently signed in to your profile (you can sign out by pressing blue x button) On the home tab click on "Create profile" and create a brand NEW profile on the USB memory device, then when you have created that new profile. Pop a game in and create a save on that USB devices"s Brand NEW profile, This is a dummy profile that"s used for recognition purposes and doesn"t have to be the profile you use to cheat. If you wish to use another profile simply copy it on to your USB device.
Now plug the USB drive into your PC and double click the Xploder icon on your desktop.
When the software first launches it should prompt you to register it, if the User configuration does not immediately launch click on internet downloads in the top left hand corner of the software and it will appear. 

Enter your email address, Password (must be 7 characters or more alpha or numeric) and your 16 digit product key (this must be entered as one long line i.e. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Once you have entered all your details the software will register and sign you in and it will open up the database tab
you can click on search and leave the search empty and click OK This will bring up everything in the database. Or use the search box to locate the game.
Look for the Cheatsave you wish to use (you can only use one at a time )
Click on the Cheatsave and either press the "Copy to PC" button or click on the save and drag it into the save "s on PC window.
After copying the save from the internet downloads section to the saves on PC window open the game name folder (in "Saves on PC") and select the Cheatsave, now you can either click on the "Copy to memory unit" button or drag it on to the profile.
It should then list the save you have chosen underneath your profile name in the "saves on Xbox 360 storage device" window (if the save is listed under unknown profile try clicking on the profile name before you click on the "Copy to memory unit" button or dragging the save to the profile name)
Then unplug the USB Device from the PC and plug it into the USB slot on the Xbox360 console Sign into the profile on the memory unit and insert the game you wish to cheat and the Cheatsave will load.

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